• Patented Break-Away Feature only available from MaxiForce
  • Wrench or Padlock Operation


  • Both Light & Heavy Duty Removable models
  • Unique Wrench Operated Models Available


  • Available in a unique variety of shapes and sizes
  • Can be made to meet all major building codes and crash/impact ratings

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Traffic Control Bollards

MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards come in collapsible, removable, and
fixed units with features you can only get from MaxiForce, and an
unparalleled support experience.

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Patented Breakaway
Feature only available from MaxiForce. Easy Wrench
or Padlock Operation.

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Both Light & Heavy
Duty/Standard Removable models.
Unique Wrench Operated
models available

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Available in an array of shapes
and sizes. Can be made to meet
all major building
codes and crash/impact ratings.

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